Jim Reekes Résumé


Product Manager expert with 20 years of experience assisting progressive companies in maximizing their strategy and execution. Possesses a deep understanding of technology, market dynamics, and the product development process. Strengths include market and competitive analysis, vision, and product strategy.

  • Creating product vision and guiding strategy from conception to profitability.
  • Producing concise and prioritized business-oriented product plans.
  • Balancing features and resource requirements with development schedules.
  • Coordinating engineering, marketing, sales, and support with customer requirements.
  • Identifying strategic markets, compiling competitive analysis, and defining products.

Professional History

Argon Systems (Data Center Products and Services)

VP Product Management & Marketing (Feb 2016 – Present)

Argon Systems is a disruptive innovator for the data center optimized for Azure hybrid cloud. We specialize in Rack Scale Design, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, and Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

  • Responsibilities include strategy, positioning, marketing, and brand management.
  • Designed and coded a sophisticated website, including a large and growing library of technical articles.
  • Increased highly targeted visitor traffic from zero to nearly a thousand per day in the first year.
  • Integrated CRM and digital marketing systems with the website for customer tracking.

Barnes & Noble Education (B2C digital textbooks)

Director of Product Management (Sept 2014 – Jan 2016)

Coordinated product, services, and marketing projects with Barnes & Noble Education, the parent company. Built the latest catalog of digital textbooks for high ed, and an ebook reader that ran on all computers and mobile devices.

  • Conducted market research and detailed analytics of product usage to identify the most valuable features
  • Worked closely with the UX designer to create an innovative next-generation platform, greatly reducing engineering costs while increasing customer value
  • Developed a requirements management process using Confluence and JIRA, linking business plans, product roadmap, and engineering tasks
  • Reduced customer support issues by 66%.

280 Group (Consulting Services)

Senior Product Manager (Aug 2003 – Sept 2014)

Providing consulting services for a diverse set of clients ranging from software products to websites, specializing in product vision, design, user interface, requirements, technical specifications, marketing collateral, competitive analysis, positioning, and branding. Author of the Optimal Product Management training, and have instructed nearly 1000 individuals in hundreds of organizations

  • Drivewyze (B2B/B2C transportation services) – created product strategy, vision, and UI design for their smartphone application, authored business case and MRD, analytics of user activity, built their product management process
  • GenArts (B2B video production software) – on-site needs analysis at TV/movie production facilities, market research evaluating new product opportunities for the consumer market
  • Cisco (B2B/B2C networking equipment) – trained over 400 product managers and executives, defined the product management process for their technical services
  • Toshiba (B2C computer, storage, and communications equipment) – trained 100 product managers and executives
  • GuardianEdge (B2B/B2C computer security) – led product management to create a new product line, the company was then acquired by Symantec for this new product
  • SAP (B2B business management software) – authored a business case and MRD
  • MicroMentor (non-profit) – authored a technical PRD for their website
  • ExtendHealth (B2B/B2C health benefits) – authored PRD and managed the development of a sophisticated website application, project led to the company being acquired for $435M

Meeting Maker (B2B Scheduling Software)

Director of Product Management (May 2001 – Aug 2003)

Responsible for all product decisions and establishing project priorities. Positioned the company for entering new markets. This startup grew to be a profitable company.

  • Improved usability, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
  • Increased revenues by expanding the company’s product line.
  • Developed company vision and product roadmap.
  • Pitched strategy to board of directors and investors, yielding additional funding.
  • Produced a new product offering in just a few months, doubling sales.
  • Designed their showcase “killer-app” smartphone application for the CIO at Qualcomm.

Kerbango/3Com (B2C Consumer Electronics)

Chief Architect (May 1999 – April 2001)

Designed the architecture and user interface of the world’s first Internet appliance, the Kerbango Internet Radio. Looking and behaving like conventional radio, its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show was awarded “Best of Show.”

  • Developed the radio’s client-server tuning Web Service, later adopted by Apple’s iTunes.
  • Designed a jog wheel and hierarchical menu interface predating the ubiquitous iPod UI.
  • Led the initiative to be an early adopter of Linux for an embedded platform.
  • Responsible for porting the Real Networks RealPlayer to an Internet appliance.
  • Managed technical partnerships and outsourced projects.

Apple Computer (B2C Consumer Electronics and Software)

Senior Software Architect (April 1988 – May 1999)

Managed the design, implementation, and maintenance of a patented cross-platform audio architecture.

  • Original and longtime member of the elite QuickTime team.
  • Responsible for numerous releases of the Mac OS and hardware products.
  • Instrumental in the promotion of audio as a key technology for personal computing, including the creation of the famous trademarked Macintosh startup sound and the Sosumi beep.
  • Supported the development of multimedia products such as Mercer Mayer’s Just Grandma & Me, Myst, Macromedia’s SoundEdit, Bias Peak, Intelligent Music M, Great Wave ConcertWare, Articulate Systems Voice Navigator, Adobe Premiere, Opcode Vision, QuickTime Movie Player, HyperCard, Final Cut, and the enhanced Audio CD.


  • Excellent communicator: authoring and presenting for Apple, IDG Books, Addison-Wesley, Audio Engineering Society, trained over a thousand product managers, and conducted speaking engagements with audiences numbering in the thousands.
  • Presentation tools: Word, PowerPoint, Excel/Chart, Photoshop, WordPress, FrameMaker, WordPress, Confluence, JIRA, QuickTime, interactive multimedia, DVDs, sound design, and audio editing.
  • Software development: C/C++, Object Pascal, Assembler, GCC, XML/HTML/CSS, PHP, shell scripts, AppleScript, Python, PowerShell.


Music Composition and Theory, California State University Fullerton (1978-1981)

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