Jim Reekes Bio

Jim Reekes

Jim Reekes spent the first 20 years of his career developing software. He has extensive knowledge and experience with the entire software development process ranging from very small to very large projects. During his 12 years writing software at Apple Computer, Jim worked at every level of the operating system.

As a member of the QuickTime team, he created the company’s innovative audio architecture, earning him two patents (#5581480 and #5592588) and establishing the foundation for countless multimedia products. His contributions include key benefits and innovations found in iTunes and iPod. He was instrumental in designing the user interface and architecture for Kerbango, the world’s first stand-alone Internet radio, winning “Best of Show” at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Jim Reekes served as VP of Product Management for Meeting Maker, creating the company’s product vision and strategy. His accomplishments include expanding into new markets while competing against Microsoft. Jim’s efforts revitalized the product through creative repositioning and development of exceptional product benefits. He reorganized the company’s product line, and extended it by integration and acquisition.

Jim has provided product management consulting and training services to a diverse set of Silicon Valley clients ranging from software products to web sites. Jim is often described as a visionary, foreseeing products and markets years ahead of their time. Jim has expertise in product strategy, competitive analysis, market driven requirements, messaging and positioning, and brand building.

His passions include music, art, food, and photography.

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